Marc Cowan

Second Home

Things morph, evolve and degrade, but nothing ever truly exists and then disappears. ‘Waste’ might be best described as a fictional term created by the privileged to categorise a material that they no longer have use for. Easily interpreted as the end of an objects life, ‘waste’ will of course simply continue to exist in another place or in another form.

‘Second Home’ is a collection of the entire ‘waste’ wood that remained from the fabrication of the neighbouring timber house. Cut into over 1287 pieces and rearranged to form a cube.

Exhibited as part of ‘Passage Au Jardin’ that spanned the gardens of the town of Bozouls. A video documenting the construction of the work was projected onto the inside wall of a pigeonniere – originally built to collect pigeon shit for use as fertiliser.

Accompanying work included a birdbox made from sawdust and a series of works on paper.